30 years of perfect restorations

When we say restoration, we mean faithfully returning damaged works of art to their former glory and increasing their value. This is a high goal, to which Modena Motorsport commits every day. Our quality work is not only about great attention to detail, but also about optimized management and perfect craftsmanship and technical prowess. We have completed several restorations of great prototype sports cars from the 60s and 70s, including Ford GT40, Porsche 917, and Alfa Romeo Tipo 33. In addition to many years of experience and technical expertise, our faithful restorations require the full dedication of our employees, who work with the greatest possible energy and skill. For instance, we painstakingly reproduce body parts from metal and other materials by hand if the original part cannot be found. Our very own spray shop creates perfect paint jobs using original Ferrari paints. We have also been doing warranty work together with licenced Ferrari dealers for many years. Many Concours d’Elégance awards have been won thanks to the quality of our restoration work.

Service and after sales – in good hands with us

Modena Motorsport offers you the full spectrum of repairs and maintenance, including all inspections as well as engine and transmission overhauls. Thanks to decades of experience, we are able to service all Ferrari models from the 212 Vignale and 250 MM all the way to super sports cars like the F40 and F50. Should certain parts not be in stock, our many years of good relations will help getting our hands on the right parts for you. In addition to maintenance, care, and repair work, we provide logistical support across Europe. Our two own enclosed transport trucks make sure your classic car arrives safely. Our transport service is also available for events and track days. Thanks to our many years of dedication to historic racing since 1989 and our technical expertise, we became the world’s first Ferrari F1 Clienti Base in 2003. From the 1953 Ferrari 625 F1 to the 1998 F300, Modena Motorsport can handle any and all Formula 1 cars.