Driven by passion …

Since our establishment in 1983, we have been working in sales and high-end restoration of historic cars of various brands, focusing on Ferrari.
From early post-war models to racing cars and modern classics, we offer a wide selection of classic cars. More than 30 years’ experience makes us a trusted partner for selling, locating and procuring, and restoring your classic cars. Our absolute commitment to quality has convinced customers around the globe.

… for more than 40 years

Our founder, Uwe Meissner, grew up with Ferrari. His father used to work as a paint specialist for the Düsseldorf-based Ferrari importer Auto Becker, and was an expert on the nitro and TPA-based finishes found on old sports cars. At the age of 16, Uwe Meissner became an apprentice at Auto Becker, where he developed a strong passion for the dream cars from Maranello. He had the privilege of working with Ferrari expert Egon Welling, whom he got to accompany on a trip to Maranello. On that trip, he met Enzo Ferrari – a life-changing encounter. After becoming a master automobile technician, Uwe Meissner started his own business in 1983: Modena Motorsport was born. He hired his father away from Auto Becker, and together with today’s chief mechanic, Andreas Stoodt, they quickly gained the trust of many collectors, who had them care for and maintain their cars and help acquire new ones. Today, a team of renowned specialists works for Modena Motorsport. What is more, our direct connection to the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello makes us your first port of call for acquiring blueprints and construction plans, or when you need a spare part reproduced.

Uwe Meissner:
 1973: Apprenticeship as a Ferrari-mechanic at Ferrari importer Auto Becker under the leadership of E. Welling
1977: Ferrari-mechanic at Auto Becker, Düsseldorf
1977/78: Courses in Maranello
1979: Personal meeting of Enzo Ferrari
1983: Finishing the master craftsman and foundation of Modena Motorsport in Langenfeld with focus on vintage Ferraris
1986: Enlargement of Modena Motorsport with restoration department under the leadership of Konrad Meissner, father of Uwe Meissner
1992: 1st meeting Modena Trackdays, Nürburgring
1995: Enlargement of Modena Motorsport service department Formula 1 and sports prototypes under the leadership of A. Stoodt
1997 – 2005: official Ferrari dealer with Maranello Motors Köln
2001: Nomination as the 1st F1 Clienti basis worldwide through Jean Todt